Mobility at CTU Prague

Academic year 2017/2018

Registration is over!

How to register at Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU)

Step 1. Cookies

Check that your web browser can accept cookies. Otherwise the application will not work properly.

Step 2. Registration

Fill in your working e-mail address.

Press the "Register now!" button.

After a while check your mailbox for a new message containing your password.

If you have not received any message with the password within a reasonable period (say 30 minutes), send an e-mail to the author of the application.

Step 3. Login

Fill in your e-mail address (the same address with which you registered) and your password.

Press the "Enter" button.

Login name and password validation will follow.

Step 4. School (bilateral agreement) identification

Choose the country of your current university from the list.

Choose the name of your university.

If there is more than one bilateral agreement between CTU and your university choose the most suitable (the one you were told by the coordinator at your faculty/university).

Press the "Save" button.

Press the "Back to Application Form" button.

Step 5. Application Form

The Application Form consists of four parts. You have to fill in one part after another in the order in which they come. Open each part by clicking on the "Update" button below it. Fields with a white background are optional, fields with a yellow background are mandatory (required). Save all changes made and return to the Application Form.

New: an electronic copy of your Transcript of Records is now also required. If you have only a paper copy of it, you will need to scan it!

Step 6. Course registration

Choose courses for the chosen semester by pressing "Register more courses" in the table below the Application Form. From the list of courses you can display course details and you can register courses (by pressing the "Register" button). Note: if the capacity of the course is exceeded, your acceptance in that course is uncertain. Some courses will be opened only if enough students are registered. The number of students currently registered is displayed for each course.

Step 7. Print

Check carefully that everything has been filled in properly and that you have the number of credits that you need.

Download the Application Form in a printable (PDF) format by pressing "Application form in PDF", and print it.

Step 8. Sign and send

Read the printed form carefully, sign it, paste your photo and have the form signed and stamped by an authorised person at your faculty/university.

Send the scanned form together with your English language certificate by e-mail to the following address:

NOTE: If you need to remove or add courses at a later date, send details to Lucie Bilova, who will have access to the system.

In case of technical troubles, contact the author of the application.

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