Code: D11RDT X-Ray Diffraction Techniques in Solid State
Lecturer: prof. Ing. Nikolaj Ganev CSc. Weekly load:  Assessment: ZK
Department: 14111 Credits:  Semester: W
The course contains all of the fundamentals required to appreciate the theory and practice of solid state structure analysis with a strong emphasis on the experimental methods for characterisation of real structure of polycrystalline materials.
1. The diffraction of X-rays by crystals.
2. Characteristics of X-radiation.
3. X-ray sources and detectors.
4. Experimental techniques for single crystals.
5. X-ray diffraction of polycrystalline materials.
6. Data reduction.
7. Determining of lattice parameters.
8. Diffraction qualitative and quantitative phase analysis.
9. X-ray texture analysis.
10. Macroscopic and microscopic stress determination.
11. Particle size determination.
12. Fundamentals of neutron and electron diffraction.
Recommended literature:
Key references:
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Recommended references
1. V. K. Pecharsky, P. Y. Zyvalij: Fundamentals of Powder Diffraction and Structural Characterization of Materials, Springer, 2005
X-rays, diffraction, single crystals, polycrystalline materials, experimental methods