Code: 15RATEC Practical Exercises in Radiochemical Techniques
Lecturer: doc. Ing. Mojmr Nmec Ph.D. Weekly load: 0+2 Completion: GA
Department: 14115 Credits: 2 Semester: W
The exercise is oriented on the training of students in laboratory praxis and work with open radioactive sources through basic lab operations such as pipetting, extraction and chromatography techniques. Training is also focused on decontamination of surfaces and clean-up of the accident, work behind shielding and in a glove box.
Seminar contents:
1. Regulations for the work in laboratory and with open IR sources.
2. Pipetting techniques, work with plastic shielding
3. Preparation and dilution of radioactive solution, work in glove box
4. Contamination check, wipes, surface decontamination
5. Laboratory techniques of liquid extraction and their comparison
6.Radionuclide generator
Recommended literature:
Key references:
1. Manuals for Practical Exercises in Detection of Ionizing Radiation, set of material, 2017
2. Atomic Act 263/2016 Coll. as amended
3. Decree of the SJB Nos. 422/2016 Coll. as amended

Recommended references:
1. W.D.Loveland, D.J. Morrissey, G.T. Seaborg: Modern nuclear chemistry, John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey, 2006.and Additions to Related Acts.

Media and tools:
1. Radiochemistry laboratory
Nuclear chemistry, radiochemistry, liquid-liquid extraction, radionuclide generators, laboratory praxis.

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