Code: 15JCH2N Nuclear Chemistry 2
Lecturer: prof. Ing. Jan John CSc. Weekly load: 2+3 Assessment: Z,ZK
Department: 14115 Credits: 5 Semester: W
The following topics are discussed in detail in the course: Nuclear reactions yield, reaction cross section, excitation function. Fission reaction, spontaneous fission. Chemistry of atoms formed in a nuclear reaction, local temperature, atomic recoil and recoil energy, recoil of atom bound in a molecule, hot atom chemistry, retention, Szilard Chalmers reaction.
1.Yield of nuclear reactions, reaction cross section.
2.Excitation functions.
3.Types of nuclear fission, theory of fission.
4.Fission by thermal neutrons.
5.Fission products.
6.Fission by medium energy particles. High energy fission.
7.Spontaneous fission. Chain reaction.
8.Hot atom chemistry ? atomic recoil and recoil energy.
9.Reactions of hot atoms.
10.Processes in (n,g) reactions.
11.Processes in other binuclear reactions.
12.Processes in nuclear decay.
13.Processes in gamma-ray emission, isomeric transfer and internal conversion
Recommended literature:
Key literature:
1. G. Choppin, J.-O. Liljenzin, J. Rydberg: Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry, 3rd Edition, Butterworth - Heinemann, 2002,
Recommended literature:
1. A. Vertés, S. Nagy, Z. Klencsár (eds.): Handbook of Nuclear Chemistry, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, 2003, ISBN: 1-4020-1305-1
Nuclear reactions, reaction cross section, excitation function, nuclear fission, spontaneous fission, hot atom chemistry, retention, Szilard-Chalmers reaction.