Code: 15DEIZ Practical Exercises in Detection of Ionizing Radiation
Lecturer: doc. Ing. Mojmr Nmec Ph.D. Weekly load: 0+3 Completion: GA
Department: 14115 Credits: 3 Semester: S
The lecture is a practical introduction to fundamental principles of detection of ionizing radiation (IR), interaction of IR with matter, and functionality and settings of particular types of detectors and detection systems.
Seminar contents:
1. Plateau and dead time measurement of the GM and scintillation detectors.
2. Measurement optimisation in gamma scintillation counting.
3. Study of the statistic character of radioactive decay.
4. Liquid scintillation counting 1+2 - measurement of alpha na beta emitters.
5. Methods of neutrons measurement.
6. Dose and dose rate determination with Fricke dosimeter
7. Determination of radionuclides in environmental samples with high resolution gamma-ray spectrometry.
8. Alpha spectrometry
Recommended literature:
Key references:
1. Atomic Act 263/2016 Coll. and related legislation (namely Decree of the SJB Nos. 409 and 422/2016 Coll.)
2. G.F. Knoll: Radiation Detection and Measurement, J. Willey & Sons, New York, 1984.
3. W.H. Tait: Radiation detection, Butterworths, 1980
Recommended references:
1. Act No. 18/1997 Coll., on Peaceful Utilisation of Nuclear Energy and Ionising Radiation (the Atomic Act) and on Amendments and Additions to Related Acts.
2. W.D.Loveland, D.J. Morrissey, G.T. Seaborg: Modern nuclear chemistry, John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey, 2006.
Media and tools:
1. Radiometric laboratory
Detection, ionizing radiation, spectrometry, radioactive, scintillation

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