Code: 14FYM1 Physical Metallurgy 1
Lecturer: prof. Dr. RNDr. Miroslav Karlík Weekly load: 4 Completion: A, EX
Department: 14114 Credits: 6 Semester: W
Basic principles of metal physics, acquired in preceding courses, are extended to the applications in the field of processing and thermo mechanical treatment of different structural materials. Furthermore, an introduction to degradation processes as radiation damage, oxidation and corrosion is given.
1. Mechanical properties of solid solutions.
2. Diffusion controlled transformations (nucleation and growth, spinodal decomposition).
3. Diffusionless transformations.
4. Deformation at elevated temperatures, creep, superplasticity.
5. Aluminium alloys: designation, hardening, processing.
6. Properties of intermetallics.
7. Shape memory alloys.
8. Powder metallurgy.
9. Thermo-mechanical treatment of alloys.
10. Radiation damage of materials.
11. Oxidation of metallic materials.
12. Introduction to corrosion, Types of corrosion attack.
13. Protection against corrosion.
Seminar contents:
7 Case studies, 4h each
Recommended literature:
Key references:
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[3] MATTER, Education software, University of Liverpool, CD-ROM, available on the intranet of the Department of Materials (X:\ MATTER CD.exe) or on the web site
Recommended references:
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Solid solution; phase transformations; thermo-mechanical treatment; radiation damage; oxidation; corrosion

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