Code: 02UJF Applied Nuclear Physics
Lecturer: Mgr. Jaroslav Bielèík Ph.D. Weekly load: 4 Assessment: ZK
Department: 14102 Credits: 4 Semester: S
The aim is the lecture is to learn students with methods based on the use of the subatomic physics. They can be applied for interdisciplinary and technical purposes.
1. Introduction
2. Interaction with matter
3. Biological effects of radiations
4. Nuclear analytical methods
5. Particle induced X-Ray emission (PIXE)
6. Mass spectroscopy
7. X-Ray spectroscopy
8. Moessbauer spectroscopy
9. Nuclear medicine
10.Nuclear magnetic resonance
11.Nuclear fusion
Recommended literature:
Key references:
[1] Lilly Nuclear Physics; Principles and Applications (Wiley 2001)

Recommended references:
[2] G.Deconnick:Introduction to radioanalytical physics, AKADÉMIAI, Budapest 1978
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Nuclear spectroscopy, synchrotron radiation, radioanalytical methods, nuclear magnetic resonance