Code: 02TJNS Transport Phenomena / Nonequilibrium Systems
Lecturer: prof. Ing. Igor Jex DrSc. Weekly load: 2+0 Completion: GA
Department: 14102 Credits: 2 Semester: S
The course introduces the students to the field of transport phenomena. The concept of a distribution function, Boltzmann equation,
and H theorem are discussed. The general concepts and approaches are applied specifically to problems of plasma physics.
1. Microscopic description of a large ensemble of particles
2. Liouville equation
3. Fluctuation-dissipation theorem
4. Theory of linear response for a ensemble of charged particles
5. Boltzmanns equation
6. H theorem
7. Applications of Boltzmann's equation
8. Molecular potentials and generalizations of Boltzmann's equation
9. BBGKY hierarchy
10. Methods for solvinf Boltzmann's equation
11. Fokker-Planck equation
12. Quantum kinetic equations
Recommended literature:
Key references:
[1] Landau L.D., Lifsic, Theoretical physics X, Nauka Moskva 2004 (in russian)

Recommended references:
[1] Kvasnica J.: Statistical physics, Academia Praha, 2003 (in czech)
[2] Kracík J., Šesták B., Aubrecht L.: Fundamentals of classical and quantum plasma physics,
Academia Praha, 1974, (in czech)
[3] Jaeckle J., Introduction to transport theory, Vieweg
Braunschweig, 1982 (in german)
[4] A. I. Burshtein, Introduction to thermodynamics and kinetics theory of matter, Wiley, Weinheim, 2005
distribution functions, transport phenomena

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