Code: 02NSY Nonequilibrium Systems
Lecturer: prof. Ing. Igor Jex DrSc. Weekly load: 2+0 Completion: A
Department: 14102 Credits: 2 Semester: S
The study of instabilities in physics enables a unified description and understanding of many processes and effects in physical, chemical and living systems. The course focuses on the mathematical desription methods and on processes of selforganization in systems like the laser, morphogenesis (chemical reactions), changes in societies.
1. Mathematical description of instabilities I
2. Mathematical description of instabilities II
3. Laser theory I
4. Laser theory II
5. Selforganization in chemistry
6. Morphogenesis
7. Dynamics of sociological systems
8. Stochastic processes
9. Instabilities in economy I
10. Instabilities in economy II
11. Selforganization in cosmology
12. Chaotic dynamics
Recommended literature:
Key references:
[1] H. Haken, Synergetics, Springer, Berlin, 1970

Recommended references:
[1] W. Ebeling, R. Feistel, Physics of Selforganization,
Akademie Verlag, Berlin 1986 (in german)
[2] L. J. Krempaský, Synergetics, Vydavatelstvo SAV, Bratislava 1988 (in slovak)
[3] G. Nicolis, C. Nicolis, Foundations of complex systems, World Scientific, 2007
Open systems, instabilities, synergetics

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