Code: 01VAM Variational Methods
Lecturer: prof. Dr. Ing. Michal Bene¹ Weekly load: 2 Assessment: ZK
Department: 14101 Credits: 3 Semester: W
The course is devoted to the methods of classical variational calculus - functional extrema by Euler equations, second functional derivative, convexity or monotonicity. Further, it contains investigation of quadratic functional, generalized solution, Sobolev spaces and variational problem for elliptic PDE's.
1. Functional extremum, Euler equations.
2. Conditions for functional extremum.
3. Theorem on the minimum of a quadratic functional.
4. Construction of minimizing sequences and their convergence.
5. Choice of basis.
6. Sobolev spaces.
7. Traces. Weak formulation of the boundary conditions.
8. V-ellipticity. Lax-Milgram theorem.
9. Weak solution of boundary-value problems.
Recommended literature:
Key references:
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[2] K. Rektorys, Variational Methods In Mathematics, Science And Engineering, Springer, Berlin, 2001

Recommended references:
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Variational calculus, Gâteaux derivative, Fréchet derivative, functional extrema, convexity, monotonicity, quadratic functional, Sobolev spaces, weak solution, Lax-Milgram theorem.