Code: BE1B13SSE Solar Systems and Electrochemical Sources
Lecturer: prof. Ing. Vítězslav Benda CSc. Weekly load: 2P+2L Completion: A, EX
Department: 13113 Credits: 4 Semester: S
The course familiarizes students with the basic principles of electrochemical sources and photovoltaic cells and systems. At the beginning, the emphasis is on understanding the basic principle using the equivalent circuits and mathematical description. In the next section, the basic types of electrochemical sources and their technical parameters are explored separately. Similarly, students become familiar with the technology of photovoltaic cells and modules. Another chapter is devoted to the basic applications such as solar-thermal. At the end of the course, students become familiar with economical and technological implications of the combination of solar systems and electrochemical sources.
1. Solar energy and basic forms of its utilization, influence of geographical location
2. Conversion of solar energy to thermal energy, solar plants
3. Photovoltaic phenomenon, photovoltaic cells and their characteristics
4. Construction and technology of PV cells and modules
5. Photovoltaic modules and their operational conditions
6. Electric energy accumulation and electrochemical energy sources - principle
7. Primary cells - properties, manufacturing process and utilization
8. Accumulators - properties, manufacturing process and utilization of lead-acid and NiCd accumulators
9. Lithium accumulators and current methods of energy storage
10. Photovoltaic systems, basic types and inverters
11. Battery systems and hybrid systems
12. Reliability of independant energy sources systems and their maintenence
13. Basic economical and ecological aspects
14. Current trends in the solar energy utilization
Seminar contents:
1. Course organization, safety in the laboratory
2. Measurement of spectrums of radiation sources
3. Measurement of irradiance distribution
4. Influence of irradiance on PV cells characteristics
5. Influence of temperature on PV cells characteristics
6. Influence of shading on V-A characteristics of PV module
7. Solar chimney
8. Primary cells. Construction of cells and acharacteristics
9. Equivalent circuit of the cell and internal resistance determination
10. Charging and discharging characteristics of NiCd and NiMH accumulators
11. Charging and discharging characteristics of lead-acid and lithium accumulators
12. On-grid and off-grid systems
13. Diagnostics of defects and revisions of photovoltaic systems
14. Course-credit test
Recommended literature:
BENDA, V. a kol. Obnovitelné zdroje energie. 1. vyd. Praha: Profi press, 2012, 208 s. ISBN 978-808-6726-489.
Kaplanis, S. - Kaplani, E. - Benda, V. - Kádár, P. - Kozhukharov, V. - et al. (ed.): Renewable Energy Systems: Theory, Innovations and Intelligent Applications. 1. ed. Hauppauge NY: Nova Science Publisher, Inc., 2013
Primary cells, lead acid accumulators, alkaline accumulators, accumulators for special applications, accumulator charging, solar energy, solar spectra, photovoltaic effect, solar cels, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic systems, off-grid systems, on-grid systems, thermoelectric effect, thermoelectric sources

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