Code: 129IN2 Interior 2
Lecturer: Ing. arch. Petra Lenz Weekly load: 5C Completion: GA
Department: 11129 Credits: 6 Semester: S
The ability to creatively design and deal with different types of interior spaces. Gaining the ability for sensitive use of materials, colours, textures and to reach desired optical effects in the interior. The abiliti to finish the design with details needed for realisation.
Application of different materials in the interior design according to the purpose and reaching of aesthetical space effects. Solving of architectural details within particular situation.
Recommended literature:
1) Nováková Z.: Výtvarné dílo v architektonické koncepci, lecture notes ČVUT Praha, 2001 (2) Periodical in the interior area, especially: Interior Design (london), Architekt, Stavba, Stavebnictví a interiér (ČR) (3)Rockport Pub Architecture, USA(seven titles). Whitehead Randall: Lighting solutions.
interior, space, detail, colour and colour desing, types and structure of materials, surface finishes, lighting, visual effects

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