Code: 129IHTP Industrial Heritage - Theory and Practice
Lecturer: Ing. arch. Lenka Popelová Ph.D. Weekly load: 1+0 Assessment: Z
Department: 11129 Credits: 2 Semester: S
Four introductory lectures will familiarize students with the nature of IH and its prospects, iconic examples of current conversion, the issue of brownfields and interdisciplinarity of the field. The subsequent two excursions will help illustrate IH in situ on selected examples of conversion in Prague. Seminar work will be comprised of a commented report from students on the selected excursions, where they have an opportunity to utilize their knowledge from lectures
Recommended literature:
1) James Douet (ed.): Industrial Heritage Re-tooled. The TICCIH Guide to Industrial Conservation. Lancaster, 2012. (2) Industrial Heritage - Ecology & Economy: XIV International TICCIH Congress. Sächsisches Industriemuseum, 2011. (3) Marilyn Palmer - Neaverson, Peter: Industrial Archeology - Principles and Practice. London, 2000.
industrial heritage, industrial monuments and sites, conservation policy, TICCIH