Code: 129DS1 Design Studio 1 (Residential Buildings)
Lecturer: prof. Ing. arch. Michal Hlaváček Weekly load: 6C Completion: GA
Department: 11129 Credits: 7 Semester: W,S
Studio work is the subject of an application in which students are combining the lessons learned from a wide spectrum of architectural disciplines with their own opinion and artistic creativity.The subject of the award are residential houses and buildings for housing, located in a particular environment. Emphasis is placed on creativity of students, the relationship of the proposal on a specific urban environment and the realism and sophistication of the architectural and building technical solutions, quality, aesthetic design, including technical and material details. During the course held presentations on the current architecture, sub-award task-related issues, the consultation proposals. The project itself is processed at the level of architectural study. Foreign and Czech students are teaching together in order to get opportunity to debate architectonic issues.
Recommended literature:
Periodicals, including: Wettbewerbe aktuell, Detail, Architekt, Era, Stavba, Stavebnictví a interiér, materials for construction,
complex conception design, functional building, creative opinion, theoretic knowledge, building for living, particular environment, architectural design

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