Code: 129DEAR Development of Architecture
Lecturer: doc. Ing. arch. Radomíra Sedláková CSc. Weekly load: 2P Completion: A
Department: 11129 Credits: 3 Semester: W,S
Subject of lecture cycle is development of European architecture from Ancient architecture (Greece, Rome) through Middle ages, early christian, Romanesque and Gothique, to Renaissance and Baroque. Architecture in connection of social, economical, cultural and life style development, including technical and technological development.
Recommended literature:
(1) Sutton, Ian: Western Architecture, Thames & Hudson, London, 1999
(2) Watkin, David: A History Of Western Architecture, Lavrence King, London, 1986, 1996
development of architecture, antique, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, historicism, romanticism, 20th century, present, constructional and technological conception

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