Code: 129CTAR Composition and Theory of Architecture
Lecturer: Ing. arch. Lenka Popelová Ph.D. Weekly load: 0+3 Assessment: KZ
Department: 11129 Credits: 3 Semester: W,S
The task is to analyse three examples of historical or contemporary architecture or urban design. Main topics: concepts of architectural space (Raumplan, plan libre, deconstructivism etc.), concepts of urban space, geometry and its role in architectural and urban composition, semiotics and meaning of symbols in architecture, expression of architecture by non-architectural and non-constructive means.
Recommended literature:
(1) Architectural Theory from Renaissance to the Present, TASCHEN, Köln 2003
(2) Jencks, Ch., The New Paradigm in Architecture, Yale University Press, 2002
(3) Kruft, H. -W., Geschichte der Architekturtheorie, C. H. Beck Verlag, 1985
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