Code: 129CTA Composition and Theory of Architecture
Lecturer: doc. Ing. arch. Lenka Popelová Ph.D. Weekly load: 2C Completion: GA
Department: 11129 Credits: 2 Semester: W,S
Seminars are focused on the composition of architecture, which will be analyzed through the basic ordering principles, pattern making process and application of the theoretical concepts.
1. Introduction and selection of the topic
2. A geometric basis for organizing forms and spaces: primary elements, organization of a form and space, basic ordering principles. An individual tutorial.
3. An individual tutorial, choosing of the topic
4. An individual tutorial, choosing of the topic
5. An individual tutorial
6. An individual tutorial
7. An individual tutorial
8. An individual tutorial
9. An individual tutorial
10. An individual tutorial
11. An individual tutorial
12. Grading of assessments and a tutorial
Seminar contents:
Recommended literature:
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Composition of architecture.

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