Code: 129ADM3 Design studio 3M
Lecturer: prof. Ing. arch. Tomá¹ ©enberger Weekly load: 0+7 Assessment: KZ
Department: 11129 Credits: 8 Semester: W
Design Studio 3M is a preparation of diploma work and in and closes all design studios. Its scope is to study the level of territorial control, as the size corresponds to the construction of the project file. Typological focus is not decisive, importance and context of urban space and the role of historical context, emphasis is placed on a new concept and addressing the broader linkages and public spaces. One of the structures solved so the file can become the basis for the diploma thesis. Foreign and Czech students are teaching together in order to get opportunity to debate architectonic issues.
Recommended literature:
Periodicals, including: Wettbewerb aktuel, Detail, Architekt, Stavba, Stavebnictví a interiér, materials for construction
complex conceptual design, functional building, creative thinking, theoretic knowledge of design, civil buildings , particular situations, architectural design, pre-diploma project