Code: 129AD2 Architectural Drawing 2
Lecturer: Mgr. Kamila Housová Mizerová Weekly load: 3C Completion: GA
Department: 11129 Credits: 4 Semester: S
The Architectural Drawing 1 course is designed for international students of various degree programmes and different levels of drawing skills. It teaches students to correctly perceive and "see" shapes and space in proportional relationships, spatial context, scale and visual perspective. The models are first assemblages of geometric objects, then supplemented with a chair and a naturalistic figure. The participant of the course learns to lay out and optimally place the drawing in the format. They learn to build the resulting drawing by consciously using the principles of visual perspective. Using the horizon line and vanishing points and by using the technique of viewing, ?visioning? method, which is carried out by measuring the proportions of object using a pencil or a stick.
Drawing themes change throughout the semester and graduate in difficulty. from still life drawings of geometric shapes, trees, and human figures to drawings of interiors and street-level cityscapes. A coherent progression aids in the advancement of pencil handling while profiling personal handwriting. The aim is to develop spatial vision and to acquire the skill in drawing and sketching that is indispensable as a means of communication in the production of architectural designs. Constant attention is paid to aspects of shape and mass in space, the expression of light and shadow, plasticity, structure and the differentiation of materials.
Seminar contents:
1/ Still life drawing
Composition of geometric shapes, nature and drapery (pencil drawing on A3)

2/ Still life drawing
Set of geometric shapes with chair (pencil drawing on A3)

3/ Drawing composition
Chair composition (about 6 different positions of 1 chair for 20 min, drawing in pencil on A3 format,
colored pencils can be used, tinted paper, 0.5 liner pen)

4/ Drawing composition
Composition of wooden figures (about 6 figures in different positions,
pencil drawing on A3 size, colored pencils, tinted paper, 0.5 liner pen can also be used)

5/ Figure drawing
Composition of figures in different sizes on the horizon (pencil drawing on A3 size)

6/ Drawing of green exterior
Composition of trees, tree details (pencil drawing on A3)

7/ Drawing perspective in interior
Pencil drawing on A3 format

8/ Drawing perspective in interior
Pencil drawing on A3 format

9/ Drawing perspective in exterior
Pencil drawing on A3 format

10/ Drawing perspective in exterior
Pencil drawing on A3 format

11/ Drawing perspective in the exterior
Pencil drawing on A3 format

12/ Perspective drawing in exterior
Pencil drawing on A3 format

13/ Reserve for drawing in exterior / interior

Individual exercises can be changed according to the current weather
Recommended literature:
1. J. Sýkora a kol.: Architektonické kreslení - skripta ČVUT 2010
Principles of pencil drawing urban drawing drawing of interior drawing of trees figure drawing visual perspective sketching shading proportions 3D objects

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