Code: 129AD1 Architectural Drawing 1
Lecturer: Mgr. Kamila Housová Mizerová Weekly load: 3C Completion: GA
Department: 11129 Credits: 4 Semester: W
The course Architectural Drawing 1 is designed for foreign students of various study programs and different levels of drawing skills. In this course, students learn how to look at objects and how to transfer what they see to paper in the form of a simplified representation of reality. In the form of sketching, not by copying reality in detail. The goal is to teach students to draw three-dimensional objects and consciously use the principles of visual perspective. Using the horizon and vanishing points. They will get to know the technique of viewing, "visioning" method, which is carried out by measuring the proportions of object using a pencil or a stick, shading and capturing different structures. They will learn the basics of composition. During the semester, students draw with a pencil, later with a pen or liner, depending on the student's abilities.
The course begins with a still life drawing of a set of geometric shapes, then with a drawing of organic forms, such as plants. For the next part of the semester, students draw agricultural machines in the National Agricultural Museum and transport machines in the National Technical Museum in Prague. The complexity of these objects leads students to enhance and practice the basics of drawing that they acquired at the beginning of the course.
Seminar contents:
1. - 2.: drawing of a set of geometric shapes
3. - 4.: drawing of green plants
5. - 8.: drawing of agricultural machines
9. - 13.: drawing of transportation machines
Recommended literature:
1. J. Sýkora a kol.: Architektonické kreslení - skripta ČVUT 2010
Principles of pencil drawing visual perspective sketching shading proportions 3D objects

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