Code: 129AD1 Architectural Drawing 1
Lecturer: doc. Akad. mal. Vratislav ©evčík Weekly load: 3C Completion: GA
Department: 11129 Credits: 4 Semester: W
Introduction to architectural drawing, pencil rendering methods (axonometric, perspective), creating shadows, reflections in water, roofs, arches, files, objects and their surroundings, created from memory in accordance with orthogonal input. Semester is seen as a validation of the assumptions and imagination of students for the field.
Recommended literature:
1. J.Sýkora a kol.: Architektonické kreslení - skripta ČVUT 2010
; 2. J.Sýkora : Odborné kreslení pro SP©S,vydavatelství Grada publishing 2011
Principles of pencil drawing, draftsman construction, one and two vanishing-point of perspective, axonometry, construction of shadow, writing

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