Code: 129ACM2 Architectural CAD Modelling 2
Lecturer: Ing. arch. Vojtých Dvo°ßk Weekly load: 3C Completion: GA
Department: 11129 Credits: 3 Semester: W,S
The subject enhances and develops skills acquired in the basic course 129ACM1. The course is focused on methods and tools for creating of complicated shapes and library elements.
This course have seminar exercises. Supported by MOODLE or MS Teams.
Seminar contents:
1. Repetition of ArchiCAD basic tools
2. Solid element operations (creating vaults etc.)
3. Shapes created by revolved, extruded or ruled profile
4. Morph and Shell tools
5. Making own library parts using ArchiCAD tools, including (not rectangular) door/window wing
6. GDL language ? principles of use, making own parametric library part with simple shape
7. GDL language ? making own parametric library part with complicated shape
8. Preparation of materials for modelling, perspective distortion correction, import into ArchiCAD
9. Combination of procedures for own library elements - ArchiCAD standard tools and GDL script
10. Renovation using ArchiCAD, fotorealistic rendering - Artlantis
11. Visualization, advanced rendering methods ? preparing own materials for cinerender and internal engine
12. Export of 2D and 3D documentation, printing, plotting, BIM Explorer
Recommended literature:
GDL Reference Guide
GDL Cookbook V4
Object Making with ArchiCAD
ArchiCAD tutorials, webinars, online seminars:
ArchiCAD Talk Forum:
ArchiCAD, BIM, parametric modelling, library-elements, Boolean operations, GDL-language

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