Code: 129ACM1 Architectural CAD Modelling 1
Lecturer: Ing. arch. Vojtých Dvo°ßk Weekly load: 3C Completion: GA
Department: 11129 Credits: 3 Semester: W,S
The students are acquainted with the possibilities of BIM using ArchiCAD software. Basic tools, functions and principles are demonstrated. Students practice the newly acquired knowledge on a simplified BIM model of a family house or another appropriate building or structure.
Objective of this course is to teach prospective architects and civil engineers an effective method of creation BIM model that is base for 2D and 3D documentation (including VR model, IFC etc.).
This course have seminar exercises. Supported by MOODLE or MS Teams.
Seminar contents:
1. Principles of BIM, introduction to ArchiCAD, drawing and modification of 2D objects, transfer of parameters, magic wand tool
2. BIM, parametric objects - walls and slabs, navigation in 3D space, storey setting and using
3. Global and local/custom coordinate system, operation with groups of objects, doors and windows
4. Library parts - furniture, building equipment and other objects. Manipulating and modification of objects. Import of most common raster and vector file formats.
5. Sections, elevations, 3D cutaway, references, copying objects in floors
6. Creating and modification of roofs ? manual and automatic techniques, connection to walls and other objects
7. Staircases, railing, columns and beams
8. Dimensioning, mesh tool (terrain)
9. Zone tool. Navigator - project map, view map, paper space, publication, operations with layers
10. Visualization, rendering methods - sketch, cinerender and internal engine. Materials and lighting.
11. Export of 2D and 3D documentation, printing, plotting, BIM Explorer
12. Final classification
Recommended literature:
ArchiCAD tutorials, webinars, online seminars:,
ArchiCAD Talk Forum:
ArchiCAD Reference Guide: PDF version included in ArchiCAD
Tutorial Archicad:
How to create anything in ArchiCAD:
ArchiCAD, BIM, parametric modelling, rendering, virtual building, 3D model

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