Code: 17DAPVP Planning and evaluation of experiments
Lecturer: doc. Vladimír Rogalewicz CSc. Weekly load: 2+0 Assessment: ZK
Department: 17110 Credits: 5 Semester: W,S
Planning experiments. Error propagation. Serial and parallel designs - precision
improvement. One-way, two-way and three-way variance analysis. Latin squares.
Factorial design of experiments. Optimum conditions definition. Factor analysis.
Discriminant analysis.
To be specified according to particular themes of dissertations of the students
Recommended literature:
[1] C. Chatfield: Statistics for Technology, Chapman & Hall, London, 1983
[2] V. Nollau: Statistische Analysen, VEB Fachbuchverlag, Leipzig, 1975
[3] Wofram MathWorld,