Code: 17DAPSM Advanced Spectroscopy and Microscopy for Molecular Medicine
Lecturer: doc. RNDr. Vlastimil Fidler CSc. Weekly load: 2+0 Assessment: ZK
Department: 17101 Credits: 5 Semester: W,S
The course provides an overview of the most representative advanced optical spectroscopy methods with a high time resolution (ns, ps, fs) along with the techniques that combine such a time-resolution with a high spatial resolution. Also single-molecule and single-particle spectroscopy are covered as well as selected nonlinear spectroscopy methods - basic 2D techniques and 3-pulse fs photo echo. In particular, physical interpretation of such spectroscopic data is discussed together with a character of information on bio-functional molecular systems that can be acquired by applying an advanced optical spectroscopy.
The course is suitable especially for PhD students who are members of basic-research teams active in the core fields of molecular medicine such as chemistry, molecular photophysics and biophysics, physiology, pharmacology, etc.

I.Molecular photophysics and the type of information that can be acquired by optical spectroscopy: overview.
II.Basic techniques to achieve the high resolution (spectral, time, and spatial) in optical spectroscopy methods.
III.Selected topics I: High (ns, ps, fs) time-resolution methods for biologically important molecular systems
IV.Selected topics II: Methods with a high spatial resolution and single-molecule spectroscopy.
V.Molecular-level study of the key biological processes in real time.

Recommended literature:
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Hof M., Hutterer R., Fidler V: Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Biology. Springer Verlag,
Heidelberg, 2004

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