Code: 17AMSMKZ Marketing of Health Care Institutions
Lecturer: Ing. Zuzana Kotherová Ph.D. Weekly load: 2+2 Assessment: KZ
Department: 17110 Credits: 4 Semester: S
Marketing concepts, marketing management, marketing in the health care, patient as client, marketing mix, communication and PR, B2B and CRM, new forms of marketing, CSR, marketing plan, marketing analysis, marketing strategy,market survey market segmentation and targeting, market regulation and e-health, medical devices market.
1. Introductory lecture: marketing concepts and basic ideas, marketing management
2. Use of marketing in health care institutions: particularities of marketing in the health care, marketing of hospitals, patient as client, role and position of marketing in the health care management
3. Marketing Mix in health care: particularities of marketing mix in the health care, product as a value for client, price as costs for client, location of providing of the service, promotion tools - communication with patient
4. Marketing management in health care institutions: marketing plan, marketing situation analysis, marketing goals, marketing strategy, action plans and budgeting
5. Basic marketing tools, methods and techniques in health care: PEST analysis, Poster analysis of competition, SWOT analysis, balanced scorecard, CFS analysis
6. PR and new forms of marketing: social media, press releases, online marketing
7. Market survey: structure of information system, methods of market survey, parameters, results interpretation, competitive advantages of health care
8. Marketing strategies: principles of strategic planning, marketing policy, market segmentation -criteria and new approaches, competitive assessment, management of opportunities and risks,
9. Marketing of medical devices: strategy and marketing tools of medical technology producers, market regulation, new products launching, key success factors
10. Medical devices market in the Czech Republic: distribution and pricing of medical devices
11. 2.5. no lecture
12. 9.5. no lecture
13. B2B in health care: specificities, CRM
14. Final test
Recommended literature:
Kotler, P.: Marketing Management, Boston: Pearson Education 2012
Kotler, P.: Strategic Marketing for Health Care Organizations, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 2008