Code: 17AMSHZTA Health Technology Assessment
Lecturer: doc. VladimÝr Rogalewicz CSc. Weekly load: 2+2 Assessment: Z,ZK
Department: 17110 Credits: 5 Semester: S
At present, Health Technology Assessment is the main procedure to assess effectiveness of health technologies (i.e. all health interventions). The course provides a systematic overview of methods used in HTA.
1. Introduction to HTA, the role of HTA, historical overview. HTA definition: specification of HTA, basic lines of HTA, the perspective of HTA studies. What HTA asssesses.
2. Evidence based medicine. Quality of information sources for EBM. Literature reviews: technique of literature reviews, databases of publications and research results, Cochrane Institute. Meta-analysis and its techniques. Data sources: international databases, Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic, retrospective data from healthcare providers and payers.
3. Outcomes in the field of HTA: how to collect, process, calculate with them. Types used in HTA.
4. Measurement of quality of life: QALY, DALY, LYG, various ways how to measure QoL, generic and specific questionnaires, time trade-off, standard gamble.
5. Multiple-criteria methods for figuring out the outcomes.
6. Cost analyses: CMA, CEA, CUA, ICER, CBA, CIA, CCA. Economic-theoretical foundations of cost analyses.
7. Costs and resources of cost data: direct medical costs, direct non-medical costs.
8. Costs and resources of cost data: Indirect costs, intangible costs.
9. Modelling in HTA. Sensitivity analysis.
10. HTA for medical devices. Suitable analyses, the assessment process. HB-HTA: Utilization of HTA at a single-hospital level.
11. Organization and collaboration in HTA: Institutions at a national level, transfer of results between different healthcare systems. International societies and organizations. Core model. Model of NICE.
12. Utilization of HTA reports for a decision about remmuneration of a new technology. Budget-impact analysis (BIA). Willingness to pay. Threshold values and their introduction. Ethics and HTA.
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health technology assessment, cost analysis, clinical outcomes, willingness to pay