Code: 17AMPVOB Fibre Optics in Biology a Medicine
Lecturer: doc. Ing. Marie Pospí¹ilová CSc. Weekly load: 2+1+1 Assessment: Z,ZK
Department: 17101 Credits: 4 Semester: W
Optical fibre (OF), basic parameters of OF, condition of guide, attitude of geometry and wave optics, Maxwell equations, mode structure. Optical fibre elements, OF as displaying element. OF bundles, endoscope. Introduction to the OF sensors, Introduction to spectroscoppy fundamentals, intrinsic and extrinsic OF sensors, reflection and transmition biosensors, Chemical and SPR optical fiber biosensors.
1. Introduction to fiber optics - Principe of light guide by optical fiber, overview and application of optical fibers, limit parameters, fabrication of optical fiber.
2. Definition of Optical fiber, basic relations and parameters and its derive in the attitude of geometry optics, total reflection, normalized frequency and number of modes, attenuation and critical bend radius of optical fiber, evanescent field and its deep.
3. Transmissions of electromagnetic field by optical fiber - Maxwell Equations (ME) for cylinder symmetry structure.
4. Solution of ME - mode structure, single and multimode optical fibers, power distribution of electromagnetic field in core and cladding of optical fiber.
5. Basic measure methods of optical fiber - geometry, refractive index profile, spectral attenuation of optical fibers.
6. Optical fibers for imaging and lightening, optical fiber as a displaying element, optical fiber bundles, endoscope and optical fiber probes (OFPs).
7. Optical fiber elements, conical and tapered fibers, changes of their basic parameters and their comparison with cylinder symmetry optical fibers, special optical fibers
8. Introduction to optical fiber sensors (OFS) - definition, basic parts of OFS, intrinsic and extrinsic OFS
9. Introduction to the base principles of spectroscopy - absorption, fluorescence, Jablonski diagram, examples OFS for reflection spectroscopy.
10. Chemical OFS - examples of intrinsic and extrinsic OFS
11. Optical fiber biosensors - structure and their description
12. Reflection and transmission of optical fiber biosensors
13. Biosensors applying of optical fiber elements - fiber taper, conical fiber
14. Optical fiber biosensors using surface Plasmon and special fiber
After each lecture the PP presentation will be given to the students
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optical fibers, optical fibers parameters measurement, optical fiber sensor, tapered optical fiber, optical fiber bundles, optical fiber probes, spectroscopy, Jablonski diagram