Code: 17AMPTPN Technological Procedures in Nanotechnologies
Lecturer: prof. Ing. Miroslav Jelínek DrSc. Weekly load: 2+2 Assessment: KZ
Department: 17101 Credits: 4 Semester: W
Lectures prepared by leading Czech experts from various academician institutions
and universities. Introduction to nanotechnology, analytical instrumentation -
scanning microscopy, electron microscopy, nanoparticles, thin films and nano- ,
polymeric nanocomposites, nanostructures and nanoelectronics, carbon
nanostructures, biosensors, nanowires, nanomedicine, risks of nanotechnologies,
methods for synthesis of nanoparticles and nanostructures, engineering of
nanoparticles, present applications of nanotechnologies, etc. The lectures will
completed as textbook.
1.Introduction to nanotechnologies
2.Methods of synthesis of nanoparticles and nanowires
3.Analytical instrumentation - scanning microscopy
4.Analytical instrumentation - electron microscopy and XRD
6.Thin films and nanotechnology
7.Polymeric nanocomposites
8.Nanostructures and nanoelectronics
9.Carbon nanostructures
10.Sensors, labs - on - the - chip
11.Nanowires and nanotextiles
12.nanomedicine, risks of nanotechnology
13.Engineering of nanostructures and nanoparticles - viruses
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Thin films, polymeric nanocomposites, nanostructures and nanoelectronics, biosensors, nanowires, nanomedicine