Code: 17AMPMB Molecular Biology for Biomedical Engineering
Lecturer: doc. Marie Lipoldová CSc. Weekly load: 2+2 Assessment: Z,ZK
Department: 17101 Credits: 4 Semester: W
Structure and function of nucleic acids DNA and RNA. Replication, transcription, translation. Protein synthesis, prokaryotic and eukaryotic gene expression. Structure and function of proteins. Enzymes. Reproduction of cells, cell cycle, cell division. Biotechnology, hybridoma technology. Recombinant DNA vectors, restriction enzymes. Changes in genetic information, mutation. Methods of molecular biology - DNA isolation, centrifugation, electrophoresis, PCR. Flow cytometry. Genetic manipulation - genetic engineering, gene modification, gene splicing.
1.Structure and function of DNA (the structure of the purine and pyrimidine bases, nucleotides, primary, secondary and tertiary structure of DNA, replication and DNA repair, DNA - the carrier of genetic information, gene structure, chromosome morphology, karyotype).
2.The central dogma of molecular biology, replication, bacterial genome, eukaryotic genome. Structure and function of RNA (purine and pyrimidine bases, ribosomal RNA, messenger RNA, transfer RNA, the ribosome structure and function).
3.The process of transcription, the complexity of eukaryotic genes post-transcriptional adjustments. The process of translation, gene expression and its regulation.
4.Analysis of DNA. Isolation of DNA. Centrifugation. Electrophoresis. Recombinant DNA restriction enzymes, PCR - reaction.
5.Assays of Immune Functions
6. - 9.Main methods of current molecular biology. Methods of study cell proteins. Flow cytometry. Biotechnology training of selected proteins. Hybridoma technology
10. Genetic ingeneering. Transgenic organisms - GMOs.
11. Using molecular biology and genetics in clinical medicine. Gene therapy.
12.Structure and function of proteins, the physico-chemical properties, functions in the organism, cell exporting proteins, immunoglobulins - structure and function
13.Enzymes, enzyme-catalyzed reactions in the cell in the body.
14. Final test
Recommended literature:
1) Espero Publishing- Molecular biology of the cell. Edited by Bruce Alberts. 5th ed. New York, Garland Science, 2008 (anglicky), 2)Sambrook, J., Fritsch, E.F., Maniatis, T. Molecular Cloning. A laboratory Manual. Second Edition. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 1989 3)
nucleic acids, (DNA, RNA) and proteins, replication, transcriptions, translations, gene expression, cell cycle, cell division, genetic engineering