Code: 17AMPBF Biophysics
Lecturer:  Weekly load: 2+2 Assessment: Z,ZK
Department: 17101 Credits: 4 Semester: S
The Lectures in Biophysics follow up and summarize main disciplines of Physics taught in students' previous study, and show description of biological phenomena (lectured in other courses) in terms of Physics. The Lectures also show selected Principles and Methods in Physics that are germane for construction and functionality of biomedical devices and the development of physical methods in biomedical engineering. The Course covers these areas and their practical applications in biomedical engineering: Physics of Continuum and Fluid Mechanics, Diffusion Phenomena, Membrane Transport, Acoustics, X-ray Sources and Radiology, and Radioactivity for biomedicine.
1. Fluid Mechanics
2. Physics of Flow, and Blood Flow in Blood Vessels (Poiseuille Law, Fahraeus-Lindquist, Zweifach-Fung)
3. Surface Effects, Capilary Effects
4. Fundamentals of Mechanics of Continuum
5. Osmosis, Reverse Osmosis
6. Diffusion
7. Physics of Membrane Transport
8. Human Ventilation System, Application of fluid mechanics
9. Heart and its Physics
10. Fundamentals of Acoustics
11. Audiometry and Audible Sound Parameters, Ultrasound and Its Biomedical Applications
12. Advanced X-ray Sources and Fundamentals of Radiology
13. Radioactivity and Its Application in Biomedicine
Biophysics, Flow and its Physics, Acoustics, Surface tension and capillary phenomena, Radiology, Radiation Physics, Physics of living matter, Physics of biological structures, Methods of Physics in biomedical engineering