Code: 17AMPAMF Nuclear and Molecular Physics
Lecturer: doc. Dr. Ing. Milan Šiōor Weekly load: 2+2 Assessment: Z,ZK
Department: 17101 Credits: 4 Semester: W
Particle wave properties. Basic atomic and molecular structure. Bohr's atomic models. The Schrodinger equation. Applications of the Schrodinger equation. The Quantum Theory of the hydrogen atom. Chemical reactions. Multiple electron atoms. Atomic and molecular spectra.
1.Classical physics and quantum mechanics. Black body radiation. Photoelectric effect.
2.Planck radiation formula for black body. Einstein's theory of photoelectric effect. Compton effect. Wave properties of particles. Davisson-Germer experiment.
3.Quantum mechanics. Wave function. Monochromatic wave. Superposition of waves. Wave packets. Heisenberg uncertainty relations.
4.Schrödinger equation: steady state form. Boundary conditions for steady state Schrödinger equation. Eigenvalues and eigenfunctions. Schrödinger equation: time-dependent form.
5.Simple quantum mechanical systems: free particle, particle in a box, finite potential well, harmonic oscillator, tunnel effect.
6.Approximate methods in quantum theory.
7.Correspondence between classical physics and quantum mechanics. Dirac quantum conditions.
8.Spin. Many-electron atoms. Exclusion principle. Hatree-Fock method of self-consistent field.
9.Atomic physics. Thomson model of the atom. Electron. Elementary electric charge. Rutherford model of the atom.
10.Quantum theory of the hydrogen atom. Quantum numbers. Electron probability density.
11.Many-electron atoms. Atomic structure. Periodic table. Spin-orbit coupling. Total angular momentum.
12.Charged particle in external electric and magnetic field. Zeeman effect. Stark effect. Stern-Gerlach experiment. Einstein- de Haas experiment.
13.Spectra of many-electron atoms. X-ray spectra.
14.Molecular bond. Electron sharing. Hydrogen molecule. Complex molecules. Rotational energy levels. Vibrational energy levels. Electronic spectra of molecules.
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Wave properties of particles, Schrödinger equation, hydrogen atom, many-electron atom, atomic spectra, molecular bond, molecular structure, electronic spectra of molecules.