Code: 17AMBUDS Ultrasound and Doppler Imaging Systems
Lecturer: doc. Ing. Ji Hozman Ph.D. Weekly load: 1+1 Assessment: KZ
Department: 17110 Credits: 2 Semester: W
Function and the responsibility of an ultrasound and doppler imaging systems. Imaging modes and device block diagrams. RF signal and the Hilbert transform. Technical parameters and system constraints.
1.Introduction to ultrasound and doppler imaging systems, mathematical apparatus, signal processing.
2.Ultrasound probes and transducers, piezoelectric phenomenon.
3.Display modes - A, M (TM), B, C, Q, and their properties.
4.Ultrasonic probe. Linear and sector - resolution, types and principles focusing of ultrasound beam.
5.Doppler effect and its use in ultrasound imaging technique.
6.Individual device blocks and their specifications.
7.3D and 4D techniques using ultrasound techniques.
Recommended literature:
1. Kremkau, Frederick W. Diagnostic ultrasound: principles and instruments. 521 s. ISBN 9780721631929.
2. Hedrick, Wayne R. Ultrasound physics and instrumentation. 445 s. ISBN 978-0-323-03212-4.
3. Webb, S. Webbs Physics of Medical Imaging. 2nd ed. CRCPress. 2012. 864 p.