Code: 17AMBTTE Television, Thermovision and Endoscopic Imaging Systems
Lecturer: doc. Ing. Ji Hozman Ph.D. Weekly load: 1+1 Assessment: KZ
Department: 17110 Credits: 2 Semester: W
The history of television technology. Overview of television technology. Viewing scenes (linear transformations in 3D space, viewing lens as colineation, screenings). Picture information (light, photometry, colorimetry, light sources, vision, quantitative description of the image information, the image spectrum). TV system. Physical limitations resolution and correlation characteristics of the image and characteristics of the system. Resolution of the TV system. Creating video signal. Nonstandard TV shooting. Black and white versus color TV system. Applications TV imaging systems in medicine. Physical quantities describing radiation and light. Physical laws of thermal radiator. Principle of operation of the IR system and its diagnostic significance. Specifics of thermography imaging systems. Block diagram. Description of individual blocks and circuits. History endoscopes. Types of endoscopes. Fundamentals of the theory and practice of optical fibers. Flexible fiberscopes. A flexible video endoscope. Special flexible video endoscope (enteroskopy). Light sources for flexible endoscopes. Image sensors used for endoscopes. Image processors. Monitors for video endoscope. Endoscopic - ultrasound systems. Sterilization device. Automatic "washing machine" for endoscopes. Standard procedures. Possible problems. Imaging capsule. Principle. Block arrangement. Wireless transmission and data processing. Possible complications.
1. Basic Blocks of TV system
2.Imaging system - Lens
3.Image sensor
4.Image processing/ video processing
5.Image compression / video compression
6.Image display
7.Special elements of visual systems
8.Examples of the special cameras
9.Principles of infrared imaging systems (IR)
10.Detailed arrangement and parameters of the IR systems
11.Properties and parameters of the thermal imaging systems
12.Introduction to endoscopy, endoscope systems
13.Description, structure and parameters of the fibroscopes
14.Description, structure and parameters of the videoendoscopes
Recommended literature:
[1]Oppelt, A. (Ed.): Imaging Systems for Medical Diagnostics. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft, 2005. 636 s.