Code: 17AMBMPZ Methods and Devices for Processing, Compression and Recording of Image Signal
Lecturer: doc. Ing. Jiĝí Hozman Ph.D. Weekly load: 1+1 Assessment: Z
Department: 17110 Credits: 3 Semester: W
The general system for image processing. Fundamentals of imaging based on image sensors. Sampling, quantization and representation of digital image. Aliasing. The transfer properties of the imaging system. Color image sensing. Summary of image formats. Digitizing rasters. The video signal. A/D converters of video signal, frame-grabber. HW and SW tools for image processing. Compression methods. Compression standards. Signal recording methods. Digital signal recording. Compression of the audio signal. Selected recording standards for video and audio recording.
1. Image digitization - Introduction - Part 1
2. Image digitization - continued - Part 2
3. HW and SW for image processing
4. Image compression - methods
5. Image compression - standards
6. Audio signal recording
7. Video signal recording

A. Video signal digitization
B. Video signal compression
C. HW and SW for image processing
D. Video signal recording

Part A. Video signal digitization
A1) Introduction. Examples of applications where an image processing is used. Main parts of the general system for the image processing. Fundamentals of imaging based on the image sensors.
A2) Sampling, quantization and representation of digital image. Aliasing, moiré effect. Description of the transfer properties of the imaging system, PSF, MTF. Color image sensing, Bayer´s mask, interpolation.
A3) Overview of image formats, raster and vector formats, pallet formats. Digitizing rasters.

Part B. Video signal compression
B1) compression methods - basic characteristics of visual information, the basic principles of image and video compression, redundant and irrelevant information, lossy and lossless coding (Shannon), DPCM and prediction model, DCT including quantization, RLE, dictionary methods (LZW), VLC (Huffman, arithmetic), motion detection and prediction, vector quantization, SBC, wavelet transform, fractals, encoding using the model.
B2) Compression Standards - JPEG, JPEG 2000, MPEG -2, MPEG 4-2, H.264 / AVC (MPEG 4 - 10), image databases

Part C. HW and SW for image processing
C1) Video signal and its properties. Overview and functions of the A/D video signal converters, frame-grabber. Aspects of the digital video signal transmission. HW implementation of image processing algorithms (FPGA, GPU). PC interfaces (USB 3.0, FireWire (IEEE1394), CameraLink).
C2) SW interfaces for video capture (TWAIN, WIA). Software for image processing (DirectShow, OpenCV, Matlab).

Part D. Video signal recording
D1) Introduction, historical overview of the formats of video and audio recording. Overview of signal recording methods - mechanical, magnetic, optical, magneto-optic and fixed memory recording.
D2) Specifics of digital signal recording. Anti-error security of record. Audio signal compression - principles, standards MPEG, ATRAC, Ogg Vorbis.
D3) Overview of selected recording standards for video and audio recording. CD, DAT, MiniDisc, SACD, DVD-A, VHS, Betacam, HDCAM, DV, DVD-V, XDCAM (BD), XDCAM-HD, XDCAM-EX

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