Code: 17AMBLTX Latex
Lecturer: Mgr. Slávka Vítečková Weekly load: 0+2 Assessment: Z
Department: 17112 Credits: 3 Semester: W
The overall objective is to familiarize students with typographic concepts, principles and policies. In addition, students learn to create documents (thesis, dissertations, articles, books, beamers, etc.) in which the information is presented clearly and understandably and clearly arranged. The practical goal is to teach students how to use the typographic system LaTeX to create thesis and other works. During the exercise, students will learn to use existing structures of LaTeX, but also edit and create new designs according to their requirements.
The course has only tutorials.
Recommended literature:
Helmut Kopka, Patrick W. Daly: A Guide to LATEX and Electronic Publishing (Fourth edition). Addison Wesley Longman Limited, Edinburgh, England, 2004.