Code: 17AMBCC2 Czech for Foreigners II
Lecturer: Mgr. Eva Motyčková Weekly load: 0+4 Assessment: KZ
Department: 17110 Credits: 3 Semester: S
The aim of the subject is to improve communicative knowledge of foreign students not only on the everyday communication level, but also to enhance wordstock employed in academic environment. The course follows Czech language for foreigners I.
Following topics will be covered in the second semester:

23.2. Declension of nouns

1.3. Past and future tenses

8.3. Ordinal numerals

15.3. Counting time

22.3. Negative and indefinite pronouns

29.3. Shopping

5.4. In a town - orientation, sightseeing. Prague

12.4. Accommodation - hotel, dormitory

19.4. Visit; invitation

26.4. Culture, TV, films

3.5. What did you do yesterday?

10.5. At a post office, in a bank

17.5. What will you do in future?

24.5. Revision / final test
Recommended literature:
Rešková I., Pintarová M.: Communicative Czech Elementary, ÚJOP UK Praha, 1995, ISBN 80-901947-2-9.