Code: 17AMBAEM Electromagnetic Field in Medicine
Lecturer: doc. Ing. David Vrba Ph.D. Weekly load: 2+2 Assessment: Z,ZK
Department: 17110 Credits: 5 Semester: W
The major aim of these lectures is to explain to students the present and probable future possibilities of microwave medical applications. Biological thermal and non-thermal effects of electromagnetic field as well as safety limits are discussed. Microwave thermotherapy applied to cancer and other diseases is described. Details of microwave thermotherapy apparatus are given, especially from the point of view of applicators for local, intracavitary and regional treatment.
1. Radiofrequency and microwave applications in medicine.
2. Overview of basic quantities of electric and magnetic field and electromagnetic EM theory.
3. Maxwell equations, boundary conditions and numerical solutions.
4. Interaction of EM field with matter, dielectric properties of biological tissues.
5. Biological effects of electromagnetic field, safety limits.
6. Radiofrequency and microwave hyperthermia: working principles, clinical results, and technical equipment.
7. Capacitive, rectangular waveguide, planar, evanescent mode waveguide, intracavitary and interstitial applicators.
8. Metamaterail based applicators and applicators for regional treatment.
9. Methods for experimental verification of applicator properties.
10. Pennes' bioheat equation, initial to steady state.
11. Treatment planning.
12. Invasive thermometry using thermocouples, thermistors and optical sensors. Non-invasive thermometry using MRI, microwave radiometer and microwave imaging.
13. EM imaging- overview (radiometer, microwave tomography, electrical impedance tomography).
14. Applications of microwave imaging - early stage breast cancer detection, detection and identification of brain strokes, non-invasive blood glucose monitoring, measurement of water in lungs level.
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