Code: 17ABOZFOA Foundations of Physiological Optics
Lecturer: prof. Ing. Jiří Novák Ph.D. Weekly load: 2+0 Assessment: ZK
Department: 17101 Credits: 2 Semester: S
Fundamentals of imaging of an optical system of a human eye. Physiological structure of human eye, its geometric and physical properties. Visual perception. Sensitivity of eye. Optical system of human eye. Axes and pupils of eye. Schematic optical models of human eye. Photometric parameters of optical system of eye. Accommodation and aging of eye. Monochromatic and chromatic aberrations of human eye. Resolving power and depth of field. Influence of aberrations on image quality. Visual acuity. Contrast sensitivity. Refractive errors. Spherical ametropia. Astigmatism. Aphakia. Amblyopia. Physiology of eye movements, methods of eye tracking. Basic principles of binocular and stereoscopic vision.
1. Introduction. Historical perspective. Fundamentals of optical imaging.
2. Physiology of eye, its geometrical and physical properties.
3. Optical system of the human eye. Reference axes of an eye. Pupil.
4. Schematic optical models of the human eye
5. Photometric properties of the human eye.
6. Accommodation and aging of the eye ? effect on imaging properties.
7. Monochromatic and chromatic aberration of the human eye, their causes and consequences. Refractive errors.
8. Resolution and depth of field of eye. Visual acuity.
9. Effect of aberrations on visual functions. Contrast sensitivity function.
10. Spherical ametropia, its causes and methods of correction.
11. Astigmatism of eye. Anisometropia, anisekonia, aphakia, amblyopy.
12. Physiology of ocular movements, methods for eye tracking and their applications.
13. Fundamental principles of binocular and stereoscopic vision.
14. Fundamental principles of measuring physical properties of eye.
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