Code: 17ABOOFP Opthalmology Instruments
Lecturer: prof. Ing. Jiří Novák Ph.D. Weekly load: 1+0 Assessment: KZ
Department: 17101 Credits: 2 Semester: W
Functional principles of different diagnostic and therapeutic ophthalmic devices will be discussed. Overview, physical principles, technical construction and parameters of following devices and methods will be studied: slit lamp, magnifiers, surgery microscopes, ophthalmoscope (direct and indirect, fundus camera, confocal scanning), retinoscopy, refractometers, tonometers, campimeter, Heidelberg retinal tomograph, optical coherence tomography, retinal nerve fibre layer analysis (GDx), specular (endothelial) microscope, confocal corneal microscopy, devices for subjective investigation of astigmatism, devices for investigation of ocular movements, corneal topographs, eikonometer, POLA-test, ortopic machines, Hertel exophthalmometer, devices for color vision testing, laser systems in ophthalmology.
1.Magnifiers and surgical microscopes
2. Slit lamp, visual acuity and contrast sensitivity charts.
3.Ophthalmoscopy (direct, indirect), tonometry.
4.Refractive errors and their objective measurements (retinoscopy, autorefractors)
5.Aberrometry, wavefront analysis.
6.Keratometry, corneal topography.
7.Corneal pachymetry, endothelial microscopy.
8. Retinal nerve fibre layer analyzers (HRT, GDx, OCT). Perimetry.
9. Retinal imaging ? OCT, RTA, fundus camera, fluorescence angiography.
10.Ultrasound in ophthalmology. Ultrabiomicroscopy. Ultrasound and optical biometry of an eye.
11. Instruments for testing binocular vision and oculomotor functions
12.Instruments and methods for testing color vision deficiency.
13. Laser systems in ophthalmology I
14. Laser systems in ophthalmology II
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