Code: 17ABBOIZ Protection Against Effects of Ionizing Radiation
Lecturer: Ing. Jana Hudzietzová Weekly load: 2+0 Assessment: KZ
Department: 17111 Credits: 2 Semester: S
The aim of the course is to give students an overview of the issues related to protection against ionizing radiation and dosimetry. Characteristics of basic types of ionizing radiation sources of ionizing radiation and its sources, interactions of Ionising radiation with matter, quantities and units used in dosimetry and radiation protection, detection of ionizing radiation and biological effects of ionizing radiation.)

2. Interaction of ionizing radiation with tissue

3. DNA damage repair, DNA damage and cell cycle

4. Deterministic and stochastic effects. Use of ionizing


6. Excursions to selected workplaces - dosimetry of
ionizing radiation

7. Excursions to selected workplaces - Principles of
detection of ionizing radiation

8. Excursions to selected workplaces - principles and
objectives of radiation protection

9. Excursions to selected workplaces - radiation

10. Atomic structure. Radioactivity

11. Types and properties of ionizing radiation - Teaching by odd Tuesday

13.Sources of ionizing radiation. Interaction of ionizing radiation with matter

14. Test
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Ionizing radiation, Interaction of ionizing radiation with matter, Quantities and units used in dosimetry, Monte-Carlo method