Code: 17ABBMEC Mechanics
Lecturer: doc. Ing. Patrik Kutílek MSc., Ph.D. Weekly load: 2+2 Assessment: Z,ZK
Department: 17101 Credits: 4 Semester: S
Cross-section characteristics, body stress state ( Cauchy, geometry, compatibility and physical equations), linear elasticity theory, reaction, beam bending, normal and tangential stresses, deformation, torsion influence.
1. Basic physics equations, Newton's laws, statics and dynamics.
2. Force and torque effects and operations with them.
3. The balance, center of area and mass, equations of equilibrium.
4. Reactions, static systems, movement restrictions, reaction solutions.
5. Torque,moment of inertia, rotation.
6. Angular momentum, conservation of angular momentum.
7. Surface moment of inertia, principal moments of inertia, polar moment, Mohr's circle, ellipse of inertia.
8. Static analysis of beam, internal effects, kinematic method, statically indeterminate problems.
9. Mechanical properties of materials, testing of mechanical properties, stress and strain, Hooke's law.
10. Stress of the material, uniaxial and biaxial stress state, bending.
11. Torsion stress, polar moment.
12. Combined stress,
13. Critical load, the stability of rods.
14. Hardness test, adhesion, tribology.
Recommended literature:
1. Ranakrishna S., Huang Z., Kumar V., Batchelor W., Mayer J.: An Introduction to Biocomposites.

2. Freitas R.,A.: Nanomedicine - Biocompatibility.

3. Brown B., Smallwood R., Barber D.: Medical physics and biomedical engineering.

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Newton's laws, statics and dynamics, force and torque, center of area and mass, reactions, static systems, torque,moment of inertia,principal moments of inertia, Mohr's circle, static analysis of beam, mechanical properties of materials, Hooke's law, stress, combined stress, adhesion, tribology.