FA - Faculty of Architecture

Academic year 2023/2024

Master Degree Courses

Courses Erasmus

Code Course name Semester Completion Credits Capacity
555ATV Design Studio - Requisite Optional W,S GA 4 undetermined
555AT1 Architectural Design 1 W GA 11 undetermined
555AT2 Architectural Design 2 S GA 11 undetermined
555VTD6 Art Practice VI W GA 2 undetermined
555DA1/2 History of Architecture 1/2 W EX 2 undetermined
555DA3/4 History of Architecture 3/4 S EX 2 undetermined
555DA5 History of Architecture 5 - Modern Architecture W EX 2 undetermined
555LAT1 Landscape Architecture Theory I W EX 2 undetermined
555SAT Contemporary Architecture S EX 2 undetermined
555TA1 Theory of Architecture and Esthetics S GA 2 undetermined
555TD Theory of Design W GA 2 undetermined
555CL1 Cultural Landscape I W A, EX 3 undetermined
555PP2 Monument Preservation 2 S A, EX 3 undetermined
555I2 Interior 2 - History S EX 2 undetermined
555I3 Interior 3 - History of Theatre W EX 2 undetermined
555CAD3 Computer Aided Design III W EX 2 undetermined
555CAD4 Computer Aided Design IV S EX 2 undetermined
555DC2 Design Computing II - Architecture S GA 2 undetermined
555PG1 Computer Graphics I W GA 2 undetermined
555PG2 Computer Graphics 2 S GA 2 undetermined
555NS5 Building Theory V W GA 2 undetermined
555U21 Urbanism 2 - History S A, EX 2 undetermined
555U31 Urbanism III - Theory W GA 2 undetermined
555U4 Urbanism 4 - Design S A, EX 3 undetermined
555ATL1 Landscape - Design Studio I. W GA 13 undetermined
555ATL2 Landscape - Design Studio II. S GA 13 undetermined
555LP1 Landscape Planning I W GA 2 undetermined
555TKZ1 Landscape Architecture 1 - Introduction W A, EX 3 undetermined
555CAD5 Computer Aided Design V - GIS W GA 2 undetermined
555EBE Economy of Built Environment S A, EX 3 undetermined
555EKL2 Ecology 2 S EX 2 undetermined
555EKL3 Ecology 3 - Social Ecology W GA 2 undetermined
555SU Smart Urbanism S A, EX 2 undetermined
555TKZ3 Landscape Architecture 3 - Technology S GA 2 undetermined
555UP1 Planning 1 - Urban Planning W EX 3 undetermined
555UP2 Planning 2 - Spatial and Strategic Planning S GA 2 undetermined
555DC3 Design Computing III - Geometry W GA 2 undetermined
555NK5 Load-Bearing Structures 5 S GA 2 undetermined
555DC1 Design Computing I - BIM W GA 2 undetermined
555EKON Economics S A, EX 3 undetermined
555LCM Landscape Construction and Management W A, EX 3 undetermined
555PAM2 Building Technology and Management 2 W A, EX 3 undetermined
555TZI2 Technical Infrastructure 2 W A, EX 3 undetermined
555ATD1 Design Studio I for Design W GA 22 undetermined
555ATD2 Design - Design Studio II S GA 22 undetermined
555ATVD Design Studio - Requisite Optional W,S GA 4 undetermined
555CGD Computer Graphics for Design S GA 2 undetermined
555DPM Design Process Methodology W,S EX 3 undetermined
555DU3 History of Art III S GA 2 undetermined
555MD Multimedia Design / Design Technology W,S EX 3 undetermined
555ND3 Teachings of Design III S EX 2 undetermined
555OP Product Ecology S EX 2 undetermined

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