FNSPE - Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering

Academic year 2018/2019

Bachelor Degree Courses

Courses open for minimum 5 incomers unless agreed otherwise with the lecturer.

Code Course name Semester Credits Capacity
01FKP Functions of Complex Variable W 2 undetermined
01STR Statistical Decision Theory S 2 undetermined
02DRG Differential Equations, Symmetries and Groups W 4 undetermined
02GMF1 Geometric Methods in Physics 1 W 4 undetermined
02KVAN Quantum Mechanics W 6 undetermined
02KVA2B Quantum Mechanics 2 S 6 undetermined
02TJNS Transport Phenomena / Nonequilibrium Systems S 2 undetermined
02ZJF Nuclear Physics W 6 undetermined
11APLG Applications of Group Theory in Solid State Physics W 2 undetermined
11SFBM Structure and Function of Biomolecules W 3 undetermined
12ZELD Fundamentals of Electrodynamics W 2 undetermined
12ZFP Principles of Plasma Physics S 4 undetermined
12ZMD Measurement and Data Processing W 2 undetermined
12ZPLT Basic Laser Technique Laboratory S 6 undetermined
15DEIZ Practical Exercises in Detection of Ionizing Radiation S 3 undetermined
15DIZ Detection of Ionizing Radiation S 2 undetermined
15JACH1 Nuclear Chemistry 1 W 3 undetermined
15JACH2 Nuclear Chemistry 2 S 4 undetermined
15ORC1 Organic Chemistry 1 S 4 undetermined
15ORC2 Organic Chemistry 2 W 4 undetermined
15RATEC Practical Exercises in Radiochemical Technology W 2 undetermined
16URF Introductory Radiation Physics W,S 4 undetermined
16ZAIZ Introduction of Ionizing Radiation Applications in Research and Industry W 3 undetermined
16ZDO Fundamentals of Radiation Dosimetry S 2 undetermined
17BES Control Systems of Nuclear Reactors W,S 2 undetermined
17JARE Nuclear Reactors S 2 undetermined
17PRE Computer Control of Experiments W,S 3 undetermined
17ZAFP Introduction to Nuclear Reactor Physics W,S 3 undetermined

Master Degree Courses

Courses open for minimum 5 incomers unless agreed otherwise with the lecturer.

Code Course name Semester Credits Capacity
01DRCH Differential Equations and Chaos W 2 undetermined
01MBI Mathematical Methods in Biology and Medicine W 3 undetermined
01SKE System Reliability and Clinical Experiments S 3 undetermined
01ZTGA Introduction to Graph Theory A W 4 undetermined
02GMF2 Geometric Methods in Physics 2 S 5 undetermined
02KIK Quantum Information and Communication W 2 undetermined
02KOHO Cohomological Methods in Theoretical Physics W 4 undetermined
02LIAG Lie Algebras and Lie Groups S 6 undetermined
02NF Neutron Physics S 4 undetermined
02NSY Nonequilibrium Systems S 2 undetermined
02RFTI Physics of Ultra-Relativistic Nuclear Collisions W 3 undetermined
02SPEC Geometrical Aspects of Spectral Theory S 2 undetermined
02TOP Orthogonal Polynomials W 2 undetermined
02VPSF Selected Topics in Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics W 7 undetermined
11AND Applied Neutron Diffractometry W 2 undetermined
11ARD Application of X-Ray Diffraction Analysis W 3 undetermined
11DMSB Diffraction Methods of Structural Biology S 3 undetermined
11FYPO1 Surface Physics 1 W 2 undetermined
11FYPO2 Surface Physics 2 S 2 undetermined
11KO Metallic Oxides S 2 undetermined
11MAM Magnetic Materials W 2 undetermined
11PCPC Theory and Construction of Photovoltaic Cells W 2 undetermined
11PMK1 Macromolecular Crystallography Laboratory 1 W 4 undetermined
11PMK2 Macromolecular Crystallography Laboratory 2 S 4 undetermined
11SIKL Computer Simulation of Condensed Matter W 4 undetermined
11SST Solid State Theory W 6 undetermined
11VDYM Intrinsic Dynamics of Materials W 3 undetermined
12DRP Differential Equations on Computer W 5 undetermined
12KVEN Quantum Electronics W 5 undetermined
12KVO Quantum Optics S 4 undetermined
12NLOP Nonlinear Optics S 5 undetermined
12RTGL Gas and X-ray Lasers S 2 undetermined
12SOP Statistical Optics S 2 undetermined
14FYM1 Physical Metallurgy 1 W 6 undetermined
14FYM2 Physical Metallurgy 2 S 3 undetermined
15CHRP Chemistry of Radioactive Elements W 2 undetermined
15FCHN3 Physical Chemistry 3 W 2 undetermined
15ISY Isotopic Syntheses S 2 undetermined
15PJCH Practical Exercises in Nuclear Chemistry W 4 undetermined
15PRACH Practical Exercises in Radiation Chemistry S 3 undetermined
15RACH Radiation Chemistry S 4 undetermined
15RAM Radioanalytical Methods S 3 undetermined
15RFM2 Radiopharmaceuticals 2 W 2 undetermined
15RMBM Radiation Methods in Biology and Medicine S 2 undetermined
15TOX Toxicology W 2 undetermined
15TRF Radiopharmaceuticals Technology S 2 undetermined
15VSBP Numerical Simulation of Complex Environmental Processes W 2 undetermined
17CIBS Digital Safety Systems of Nuclear Reactors W,S 2 undetermined
17IRP Individual Research Project W,S 6 undetermined