FBME - Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

Academic year 2018/2019

Bachelor Degree Courses

Courses that will certainly be open

Code Course name Semester Credits Capacity
17ABBBB Biomechanics and Biomaterials W 4 undetermined
17ABBBLG Biology W 4 undetermined
17ABBFY1 Physics I W 5 undetermined
17ABBFY2 Physics II S 5 undetermined
17ABBITP Integral Calculus S 5 undetermined
17ABBLAD Linear Algebra and Differential Calculus W 4 undetermined
17ABBMEC Mechanics S 4 undetermined
17ABOBZO Binocular Vision, Orthoptics W 7 undetermined
17ABOFO Pharmacology of Eye S 2 undetermined
17ABOKC1 Contact Lenses and Practice I. S 5 undetermined
17ABOKC2 Contact Lenses and Practice II. W 5 undetermined
17ABOKC3 Contact Lenses and Practice III. S 3 undetermined
17ABOKRV Correction of Refractive Errors S 3 undetermined
17ABOOFP Opthalmology Instruments W 2 undetermined
17ABOOGB Geometric and Opthalmic Optics S 6 undetermined
17ABOSRB Strabology W 2 undetermined
17ABOVZF Diagnostic of Visual Functions W 2 undetermined
17ABOZFOA Foundations of Physiological Optics S 2 undetermined
17ABBA3A English Language IIIA (part 1) W 2 undetermined
17ABBA3B English III. S 2 undetermined
17ABBBCH Biochemistry S 2 undetermined
17ABBBLS Biological Signals S 4 undetermined
17ABBCHM Chemistry S 4 undetermined
17ABBELF Electrophysiology W 4 undetermined
17ABBEM Electrical Measurements W 4 undetermined
17ABBEMP Electromagnetic Fields of Living Organisms S 2 undetermined
17ABBEO Electronic Circuits W 4 undetermined
17ABBESL Electronic Elements and Sensors in Medicine S 4 undetermined
17ABBFCH Physical Chemistry W 4 undetermined
17ABBKZS Conventional Imaging Systems S 4 undetermined
17ABBLPZ1 Medical Devices & Equipment W 4 undetermined
17ABBLPZ2 Medical Devices and Equipments (Therapeutical Devices) S 4 undetermined
17ABBLT Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation S 4 undetermined
17ABBMDT Microwave Diagnostics and Therapy S 2 undetermined
17ABBMFJ Physical Phenomena Modeling in COMSOL Multiphysics W 2 undetermined
17ABBMVP Research Methodology W 2 undetermined
17ABBMZT Management of Health Care Technology S 2 undetermined
17ABBNMP Project Proposal and Management S 2 undetermined
17ABBPMS Probability and Mathematical Statistics W 4 undetermined
17ABBPNK Design and Construction of Medical Devices/Practical Exercises W 2 undetermined
17ABBPSL Psychology W 2 undetermined
17ABBSEL Power Engineering S 4 undetermined
17ABBSPT Equipments for Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation S 4 undetermined
17ABBTEL Theory of Electrical Engineering S 4 undetermined
17ABBVBI Virtual Bioinstrumentation W 2 undetermined
17ABBZLN Legislation in Health Care and Technical Standards W 2 undetermined
17ABBZS Imaging Systems W 4 undetermined
17VACC Czech for Foreigners W,S 3 undetermined
17ABBAF1 Anatomy and Physiology I W 5 undetermined
17ABBAF2 Anatomy and Physiology II S 5 undetermined
17ABBEBI Ethics in Biomedical Engineering W 2 undetermined
17ABBLTR Medical Terminology W 1 undetermined
17ABBMAZ Management and Administration in Healthcare S 1 undetermined
17ABBOIZ Protection Against Effects of Ionizing Radiation S 2 undetermined
17ABBPP First Aid S 2 undetermined
17ABBZPD Fundamentals of Pathology, Hygiene and Epidemiology S 4 undetermined
17ABBISZ Information Systems in Health Care W 4 undetermined
17ABBMS Modelling and Simulation S 4 undetermined
17ABBPPM Programming in Matlab W 2 undetermined
17ABBUSS Introduction to Signals and Systems W 4 undetermined
17ABBALP Algorithmic and Programming Theory W 4 undetermined
17ABBITT Information Technology and Telemedicine W 2 undetermined
17ABBPPP Programming Tools S 2 undetermined

Master Degree Courses

Courses that will certainly be open

Code Course name Semester Credits Capacity
17AMBALB Laser Applications in Biomedicine W 2 undetermined
17AMBBB Biomechanics and Biomaterials W 4 undetermined
17AMBZMB Fundamentals of Molecular Biology W 5 undetermined
17AMPAIZ Applications of Ionizing Radiation S 4 undetermined
17AMPAMF Nuclear and Molecular Physics W 4 undetermined
17AMPBKM Biocompatible Materials S 4 undetermined
17AMPFSB Fluorescence Spectroscopy in Biology and Medicine S 2 undetermined
17AMPLT Laser Technology S 4 undetermined
17AMPMB Molecular Biology for Biomedical Engineering W 4 undetermined
17AMPMSB Mathemetical Software for Biomedicine S 2 undetermined
17AMPPBM Advanced Biomechanics S 4 undetermined
17AMPPLB Solid Substances for Biomedicine S 4 undetermined
17AMPTVP Vacuum Technology and Work with Gases W 2 undetermined
17AMPVOB Fibre Optics in Biology a Medicine W 4 undetermined
17AMPZBCH Fundamentals of Biochemistry and Clinical Analytical Methods S 4 undetermined
17AMPZMM Basics of Measurement and Simulation in Mechanics W 4 undetermined
17AMBAEM Electromagnetic Field in Medicine W 5 undetermined
17AMBBCH Biochemistry S 2 undetermined
17AMBBLS Biological Signals S 4 undetermined
17AMBBTR Biotransport S 4 undetermined
17AMBCC1 Czech for Foreigners I W 3 undetermined
17AMBCC2 Czech for Foreigners II S 3 undetermined
17AMBLPZ1 Medical Devices&Equipment I. W 5 undetermined
17AMBLPZ2 Medical Devices&Equipment II W 5 undetermined
17AMBLT Clinical Laboratory Instrumentation W 4 undetermined
17AMBMDT Clinical Trials S 3 undetermined
17AMBMPZ Methods and Devices for Processing, Compression and Recording of Image Signal W 3 undetermined
17AMBNMP Project Proposal and Management W 2 undetermined
17AMBOSD Image Sensors, Displays, Cathode-ray Tubes and Projection Systems W 3 undetermined
17AMBPIZ Work with Information Sources and Research Methodology S 2 undetermined
17AMBPNK Design & Construction of Medical Devices/Practical Exercises W 2 undetermined
17AMBSPT Equipment for Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation W 4 undetermined
17AMBTTE Television, Thermovision and Endoscopic Imaging Systems W 2 undetermined
17AMBUDS Ultrasound and Doppler Imaging Systems W 2 undetermined
17AMBZMR Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Impedance Tomography W 2 undetermined
17AMBZS Imaging Systems W 4 undetermined
17AMBAF1 Anatomy and Physiology I W 5 undetermined
17AMBAF2 Anatomy and Physiology II S 5 undetermined
17AMBEBI Ethics in Biomedical Engineering W 2 undetermined
17AMBZPD Fundamental Diagnostic and Therapeutic Methods II S 5 undetermined
17AMBLTX Latex W 3 undetermined
17AMBZAO Image Processing and Analysis W 2 undetermined

Courses that will be open if at least five students are registered

Code Course name Semester Credits Capacity
17AMSBST Biostatistics W 4 undetermined
17AMSCIA Economic Analyses for Health Care W 4 undetermined
17AMSHZTA Health Technology Assessment S 5 undetermined
17AMSITZA Information Technology in Health Care W 5 undetermined
17AMSMKZ Marketing of Health Care Institutions S 4 undetermined
17AMSEHG E-Health and E-Government S 4 undetermined
17AMSIKR Information from Clinical registers and Helth Care Information Sources S 4 undetermined

Doctorate Degree Courses

Courses that will certainly be open

Code Course name Semester Credits Capacity
17DAMGRZ Methods of Sof t X-rays Generation and Utilization W,S 5 undetermined
17DAPSM Advanced Spectroscopy and Microscopy for Molecular Medicine W,S 5 undetermined
17DAASZ Analysis and Synthesis of Imaging Systems W,S 5 undetermined
17DABEMG Bioelectromagnetism W,S 5 undetermined
17DAGVBS Genesis of Biological Signals W,S 5 undetermined
17DAMUPV Artificial Lung Ventilation: Methods and Equipment W,S 5 undetermined
17DAPVP Planning and evaluation of experiments W,S 5 undetermined
17DAZ2D Digital 2D Biosignal Processing W,S 5 undetermined
17DANEIA Nonlinear and Information Analysis in Biomedicine W,S 5 undetermined
17DANEU Neurotechnology W,S 5 undetermined